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Belize Bicycle Tri-Rider 24" Trike


Enjoy cycling without the need to balance.

Extra large saddle with springs, 24" wheel size, comfortable handlebars,
large rear basket, front and rear fenders. Available in several versions.

The most popular is the Shimano 6 speed twist shift but it also can be ordered
as a 3 speed with coaster brake, as a single speed with rear coaster brake and
front hand brake or as a single speed with front and rear hand brake.
Minimum inseam length: 26" (8" adjustment range), overall length 64", width 30"
plus hubcaps, height adjustable.

Model # 96243, red, blue or black, Shimano 6 speed with front v-brake and rear band brake,
alloy rims, three fenders; Cost: US$509.95 plus freight US$74.

Model # 96403 in brilliant blue, coaster brake with internal three-speed,
front v-brake, alloy rims, three fenders; Cost: US$539.95 plus freight US$74.

96243 RED (6 speed, rear band brake)
US$509.95 plus freight US$74.00

96243 BLUE (6 speed, rear band brake)
US$509.95 plus freight US$74.00

96243 BLACK (6 speed, rear band brake)
US$509.95 plus freight US$74.00

96403 BLUE (3 speed, rear coaster brake)
US$539.95 plus freight US$74.00

Backrest for 20" and 24" Tri-Riders with 1" seat posts.
US$64.95 plus freight US$24.00

Chain Tool
US$11.00 (sold only with trike purchase)

Multi Tool
US$27.99 plus freight US$15.00

Trike Cover
US$44.95 plus freight US$22.00

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Shipping costs are for the American lower 48 states only.

Belize Bicycle
Alloy Backrest


All alloy construction, easy installation and adjustability, high quality, sturdy and very comfortable, a great accessory for your trike.

Model 96900 (for regular 24 and 20" TriRiders (1" seat post))
COST: US$64.95 plus freight US$24



Handy tool for assembling a multi-speed tricycle/bicycle chain
Cost: USD 11.00 (sold only with trike purchase)
Chain Tool

MULTI-TOOL US$ 27.99 plus freight US$15.00

Multi Tool

" 15-in-1 tool
" 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm allen
" T10/T25/T27 Torx
" #1 & #2 phillips and flat
" 14G/15G spoke wrench
" 9/10s chain breaker

Good quality cover protects the trike and keeps it clean. Retail US$ 44.95 plus freight US$22.00

Tricycle cover

Storage pocket; Velcro closures; Water resistant