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We stock most replacement parts for all our trikes

Alloy Backrest

Tri-Rider BackrestBACKREST

All alloy construction, easy installation and adjustability, high quality, sturdy and very comfortable, a great accessory for your trike.

Model 96900 - for 1" seat posts.
(for 20" and 24" Tri-Riders)
Cost: US$64.95
plus freight: US$24

Model 96900.1 - for 1-1/8" seat posts.
(for Deluxe, Capri, Industrial, Twin Tri-Rider)
(and 20" Folding)
Cost: US$71.95
plus freight: US$24


Special needs backrest/side supports/seat belt

Tri-Rider Backrest with side supports

Tri-Rider Backrest with side supports

Steel and alloy construction, easy installation and adjustability, high quality,
sturdy seat belt, a great accessory for special needs.

Model 96181.4
Cost: US$209.95
plus freight: US$30

Quick release - to allow one side to open for easy accessibility
Cost: US$8.00


Belize Bicycle
Tri-Rider Deluxe Saddle
This super plush "deluxe" saddle provides great support.
The size is 13" x 13" x 6".
It has 3" of foam padding and 2 large support springs.
The saddle will fit almost all adult tricycles and most bicycles.
Cost: US$ 36.95
plus freight: US$24.00

Tri-Rider Deluxe Saddle

Tri-Rider Deluxe Saddle bottom

Front quick release basket, black, easy mounting.
Fits most bikes and trikes.
Cost: US$ 34.00
plus freight: US$20.00.


Set of mirrors
Cost: US$ 29.95
plus freight: US$16.00


Cost: US$ 27.99
plus freight: US$15.00

Multi Tool

" 15-in-1 tool
" 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm allen
" T10/T25/T27 Torx
" #1 & #2 phillips and flat
" 14G/15G spoke wrench
" 9/10s chain breaker

Good quality vinyl cover protects the trike and keeps it clean.
Cost: US$35.95
plus freight: US$18.00

Tricycle cover

Water proof

Basket 17"x13"x9" fits recumbents including our R-2.
Cost: US$ 38.00
plus freight: US$27.00

Basket for R-1

Rear basket 22"x18"x11"
Cost: USD $39.95
plus freight: US$22.00


Model 96121.2 backrest with safety straps
Cost: US$ 64.95
plus freight: US$24.00


Set of weighted, strapped pedals
Cost: US$ 26.00
plus freight: US$14.00

Pedals with straps

Note that these pedals come in two thread sizes, 1/2" and 9/16".
Generally speaking, the 1/2" size is used on one piece pedal cranks (OPC),
such as found on our regular Tri-Rider trikes.
The 9/16" size is used on three piece cranks, as are found on our
Twin Tri-Rider and most adult size bicycles.

If in doubt, please contact us.

Safety handlebar with stem, brake lever and bell
Cost: US$ 89.95
plus freight: US$22.00

Pedals with straps

Industrial Folding Basket


Industrial Basket


Industrial Basket Folded

All plastic construction, easy installation and folding, high quality,
sturdy and very practical, a great accessory for your trike.

Model 96013.2
COST: US$85.00 plus freight US$20

 Backrest 96900 for 20" and 24" Tri-Rider (1" posts)

 Backrest 96900.1 for Tri-Riders with 1-1/8" seat posts

 Backrest with lateral supports 96181.4

 Tri-Rider Deluxe Saddle

 Front Basket

 Mirror Set

 Multi Tool

 Trike Cover

 Basket for Recumbents

 Rear basket 96013

 Backrest With Straps 96121.2

 Pedals With Straps 1/2"

 Pedals With Straps 9/16"

 Safety Handlebar

 Industrial folding basket

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