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Carefully remove all the parts from the carton/s. Read the factory assembly manual. Remove all the protective materials from the fork, front frame and rear frame sections. Tear open the bag that holds all the bolts and nuts. Prop the front frame assembly vertically and align the rear frame section perpendicular to it.

Find two round headed stove bolts and the corresponding washers and nuts. Place these two bolts on the most forward holes on the front frame with the heads on the inside. Slide the rear assembly forward on the inside of the matching frame tubes on the front section and make sure that the square section of the bolts already in place align with the slots on the rear frame section.

Tighten all four bolts that hold the two frame sections together making sure that the rear is perpendicular to the front. Next you should install both rear wheels while making sure that the left wheel nut is left loose enough that the spacer on the inside is still free to spin by hand.

Install the front fender on fork. Install the front wheel making sure that the tabs on the washers fit into the holes on the fork and slide the fender brackets over the axle before tightening the axle nuts. Now install the steering stem, the handlebar, the brake and shifter (if a multi speed) levers on the handlebar as well as the grips (these will slide in easily if you first wet the insides with a little water).

Next run the left side rear brake cable through the adjustment nut, through the enclosed coil spring and finally through the mounting nut. Adjust and tighten the cable. Do the same with the right side shifter cable (if a multi speed).

Thread the chain through the sprockets or the derailleur (if a multi speed) and join the two ends together using either the link provided or a special bicycle chain breaker/riveting tool. (Note: on the Comfort Trike it is important that you use the 138 link chain provided).

The seat should now be mounted on the seat post and slid into the seat tube and tightened (for the Comfort Trike seat please refer to the enclosed picture).

The rear fenders should be installed with the brackets on the inside of the frame tangs and both bolts tightened securely. Some final adjustment of the fenders can be done by bending the brackets.

The basket should now be assembled and mounted onto the rear frame section, the pedals (L on the left side with a counter clockwise thread, R on the right with a regular clockwise thread) and the chain guard installed.

Finally the reflectors can be installed on the front steering stem and all three wheels (white facing forward, red on the rear wheels, orange on the front wheel). Cable ends can now be crimped on, the tires inflated, the brakes adjusted, the handlebar angle and height and the seat height adjusted.

We would highly recommend that you now bring the assembled tricycle to a competent bicycle mechanic for an inspection before using it.